It is the policy of ANANDA to strive to redress the social imbalance of the past in our workplace and the markets that we service.

To this end active steps are taken to

(a) Create an equitable employment environment within the company

(b) Pursue projects that promote the development of emerging contractors, the establishment of skills transfer and the creation of Labour opportunities.

These steps include inter-alia the following:

Implementation and support of a bursary program favoring students from historically disadvantaged communities.

The provision of vocational training to students.

Ensuring equal access to employment through an equitable recruitment program.

Providing equitable and market related remuneration.

Providing in-house training and career development at all levels.

Identifying, recognizing, improving and nurturing leadership and managerial potential

Rewarding loyal contribution to the company to deserving individuals into the management and shareholding structures of the company.

In addition we support emerging contractors, transfer of skills through on-site training by our staff and creation of Job opportunities.